Disclosures (Boring/obvious stuff the Legal Dept. requires us to publish)

OK, so I’m a lawyer, but to be clear: I’M NOT YOUR LAWYER.  So you can’t rely on anything that I say here.

And I’m not your financial advisor.  I’m not recommending any investment security or product to you.  I’m just talking about what I do for myself, largely for my own entertainment.  Proceed at your own risk.

And one more thing: there are some Amazon affiliate links scattered throughout this site.  If anyone ever clicks on one of them one day and buys something, rumor has it that Amazon will credit my account with a cut of the action.  That is to say: we will get paid.  Consider that financial interest on the part of Joe Freedom to be disclosed.  Who knows, maybe one day our vig from that action will cover 10% of the cost of running this blog.  I’ll let you know if we ever get there.