Are We Losing the Ability (or Willingness) to Think Conceptually? (Or: Is Avocado Toast Always Avocado Toast?)

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6 Responses

  1. Steveark says:

    I think whenever people are spoiling for a good fight logic generally degrades down to personal attacks and exaggeration. I read the articles as well and never thought that the point was that avocado toast was anything but a metaphor for living large and that generating wealth on modest incomes isn’t really compatible with living large all the time. I think most people that succeed at achieving financial independence learn that you can have a good life now with a little luxury at times and still achieve a good life later due to overall frugality and focus on generating income. But for the most extreme fringe on both the FIRE side and the avocado/starbucks/leased Beemer side avocado toast seems to be a hill to die on. I think you are one of the smart ones that can have your toast and eat it too!

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Thanks Steve, good thoughts. I guess this means that there are at least two of us that are still willing to think conceptually. I suppose that I now need to go try out this whole avocado-toast thing, just to have been exposed to the actual tangible object.

  2. Steveark says:

    You know I’ve been wanting to do that too but it will be another ten years before it gets to Arkansas. We sort of have a cultural lag down here.

  3. Meow says:

    Did Ms. Calfas factor in compound interest when contemplating down payments in terms of avocado toast? Because that’s where the real kicker lies, and the real conceptual disconnect keeping people (of all generations) from prioritizing savings.

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Hey Meow! I haven’t checked her math, and I’ve had one (or three) too many craft beers this evening to do so, but I’m almost certain she did not! I agree–if she projected FV over a period of time, that number of avocado toasts comes way down!

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