Maybe the Most Overlooked Factor in the Spouse Search: Money-Psychology Congruence

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  1. Steve from Arkansas says:

    That’s a great post! Last week my frugal wife and I celebrated 39 years of marriage without one fight over money. We are both pretty frugal but now that we are FI and slightly early retired we do agree to buying a few things that help us have great quality experiences together like our fishing boat and off road vehicle. You are right on target that it is an undervalued quality that should be considered before hooking up for life with someone. In addition, outside of the scope of the article, shared hobbies are huge to helping a marriage survive and thrive. Not all but some being shared gives you opportunities to be together having fun. For us that is endurance running, skiing, fishing, hiking and tennis. But it could be anything.

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Thanks Steve! I agree; shared activities are a huge relationship boost (and probably more often than not also a financial synergy from shared expenses and/or economies of scale). Now if only I can get Mrs. JF interested in home-brewing …

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Oh, and ps–Congratulations on 39 years! That’s a huge accomplishment. And congratulations on no fights over money! That’s at least as big of an accomplishment!

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