Thinking: Short-Term and Long-Term

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  1. Arrgo says:

    Some great points you bring up here that are often overlooked. Most people have become sheep- mindlessly following the herd created by corporate marketing through TV and advertising. Everyone else is doing it, you need Starbucks everyday to be happy! I really like and agree with this line: “and many of those short-term “pleasures” end up not really being pleasures anyway”. How many of those meals out or other activities that you paid quite a bit for werent all they were cracked up to be for the money you spent? The next time you go out to eat, take notice of how much food you are really getting for the money. Burgers and breakfast sandwiches have shrunk down to the size of hockey pucks. The corporate masters have figured out how to give you less and less and raise the price – even for the nicer steakhouse chains. Over the years I’ve put off various upgrades like my TV and cell phone mostly due to procrastination and being busy. But you know what, I dont feel like I’ve missed out on anything . Once you get the right mindset and some self-control, you wake up and realize you dont need as much stuff as you have been led to believe. Ween yourself off these things and start fine tuning your habits. I will still spend money, but its much more selective and less often than before. I’d much rather maintain my financial independence then having to work all week just to pay for Starbucks and a bunch of other wasteful spending and habits.

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