Of Snowstorms and Market Crashes

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8 Responses

  1. Arrgo says:

    A great reminder to keep a level head and evaluate your investment plan before a crisis arrives. Knee-jerk decisions rarely work out for the better.

  2. Mrs. Groovy says:

    I just came over from the Rockstar Forums in an attempt to get you up to the readership necessary to attend Fincon! Haha, I’m not even sure if we’re going.

    Did you see the video called “Gotta get the bread and milk”? Look for it in Youtube from Vic Dibitetto. As a former New Yorker I found it hysterical.
    Nice post

  3. Ha ha, even in TN our grocery stores go empty prior to a snowfall. This reminded me of financial plans I have done for myself in the past. They always turn out to be true. For example, I estimated how much taxes would be in TN, prior to our move from WI, or aka Taxconsin. Once we moved to TN, they are very accurate. When we looked for a home, property taxes on those homes were always part of the decision making process. There weren’t many surprises with closing costs either, if any.

  4. Steve from Arkansas says:

    Just found your blog. Must say it is excellent, you are gifted at putting thoughts into words. Here in Arkansas snow is fairly rare also and the phenomenon you describe happens every time. I think half of Wal-Mart’s profits are driven by the weather channel. Paralleling that to equities is a great concept, maybe a better way to explain irrational behavior than any I’ve heard before. It is always cool when I read something and think, that’s exactly it!

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Thanks for the stop-by and the high compliment Steve! A WSJ article this week provided data indicating (predictably) that investors are piling into stocks as we reach all-time highs. (I linked to it over at The FIREport page: http://trappedinwork.com/the-fi-report/). I suspect these are the folks that will be the first to bolt for the exits when the temperature drops! Maybe I need to buy some Wal-Mart stock.

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