Measuring How Much Is Enough

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  1. Arrgo says:

    Great points you bring up here. Now in my mid 40’s, I’ll say that you really don’t need quite as much as you think you do to be happy etc. Im not rich nor earn big money but had enough savings to basically be able to buy many things if I wanted to – electronics, tools, etc. I found that I didnt have the time or energy to really use all the stuff I had spent my money on. Many items would mostly sit and collect dust. Storing, cleaning and then trying to sell them is a chore too. I realized this a few years ago and greatly cut back on buying stuff. I skipped quite a few cell phone/ TV/ computer upgrade cycles. Sometimes this was due to me being busy or procrastination, but I found out I didnt really need it or miss it. One thing I’m proud of is that I started doing this on my own before I stumbled across MMM or other blogs. I actually felt a little weird at first doing it, but then you realize how much you have been conditioned/ influenced to live like that all these years. Its not about trying to be cheap or hoard your money. To me its more about achieving financial independence which is certainly more important as you get older.

    • Joe Freedom says:

      Right on Arrgo, we’re on the same page. You make some good points here. Reducing lifestyle and consumption definitely has two independent but complementary benefits: first, you eliminate the time, energy, and cost that goes along with maintaining all the stuff that you accumulate. For me, as I am able to reduce/minimize lifestyle more, I feel more and more liberated. Second is the financial impact that also leads to a different type of freedom. Financial freedom. As we need less and less money to live a lifestyle that is “comfortable,” the less we need in the way of financial resources to fund that lifestyle (and the sooner we can be free from the bondage of a mandatory paycheck requirement). And the sooner that we can get to a place where we don’t define “comfortable” based on what those around us are doing, the better. Great thoughts!

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